FlowMattic - Advanced wordpress automation

Fully aware of the other ‘automation’ plugins here, but Flowmattic has way more functionality than ANY of the other automation plugins have… and atleast double the integrations as the others have!

For example none of the other automation plugins have a way to do direct “incoming email”! Email parsing, text formatting.
None of the other have a direct API to API connection method! Sure they have a way to do multiple incoming / outgoing webhooks, but that’s hacky and an around-about way.

JSON iteration AND JSON storage!

Can capture data from OTHER plugin’s hooks! Without having to manually find these hooks and then having to manually write and test custom php code!

Call your own custom PHP functions and pass parameters to your function from the data received in your workflow! Basically you can call any publicly accessible function from your workflow. This is crazy!

Title: FlowMattic


Hi @Hush,

It’s very likely that we will add this request very very soon :wink: