Fix version timeline

Hi guys, I dont know if this is normal but I guess it’s not.

Yesterday i was browsing the plugins, and I view the plugins. I noticed that the version timeline is a bit weird because it show on the top version it has a label latest with a year 2022, when in fact the latest version is march 2023.

So for this plugin the version timeline goas like this

Latest version 2022
Feb 2022
Real current version march 2023
Feb 2023
December 2022
And so on old version for year 2022

How do you explain this?

Hey @zerl,

Thanks for reporting this.

Can you please share what plugin got this timeline?

i forgot but i will try to update this thread once i found it.

I think we need to add a feature for our account with a page history.
Where we can check the history page what individual plugin/themes we viewed.

also add to favorites feature (where we can create custom favorite folder ) same like pinterest.

Feel free to add your feature suggestions here:

Also, we are improving the favorite option very soon. =)

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