Festingervault manually update option

I wanted to update some of the plugins that I downloaded form festingervault. I see only the option to auto update the plugins. Thats not what I wanted. I want to be in control of the updates myself.
Is it an idea to add the option to download the updated version of the plugin via the Festiongervault plugin? That option can be added then asside from the auto update function.

I hope this will be a good idea.


Hello @ConicalCanvas82,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion here.

You can either download the plugin/theme to your hard disk and manually update it by uploading it to your wp instance. You can also download the theme or plugin using the Festinger Vault without having automatic updates enabled.

This is already available using the ‘download now’ button =)

Or am I missing something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reply. I know that is possible but then I have to search for every plugin in order to update them. So my suggestion was to make the update button next to the auto update slider. In that way you can update the plugins faster.

Is it also possible to let the updates show up in the default plugins section in WP?

That would be great too.

Can you post a screenshot of this screen, please?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as we’re not using the updates core system of WordPress, but our own algorithms to update the sources :wink:

P.s. leuk om te zien dat er ook Nederlandse klanten lid zijn geworden =)

Translation in English: nice to see that the Dutch clients have joined our website.


Ik ben heel enthausiast over de service! Ik zal wel doorgaan in het Engels :slight_smile:

This is what i mean. Next to the auto update give us the option to update the plugin via that way.

Great to see @ConicalCanvas82 =)

You can update these plugins → enable temporary auto update and press ‘force update’ at the top and it will automatically update only the plugins you’ve enabled. Afterwards, you can disable the automatic update.

Alright I will try that out!

Thanks for your help and if you need me in the future for something please let me know!

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