Festinger Vault white label plug-in suggestion

the ability to white-label the download plugin is a great idea. But the fact that it can be accessed by anyone who uses the site you instal it on is not so good. the whole idea of white-labelling the plugin in my mind is so that the client doesn’t know you are installing what are non-source software onto their site. many clients have some idea of plugins and look around their site to see what’s going on it wouldn’t take too much to suss what this is. Also if they have other developers using their site who know about this what to stop them from downloading any software they want so my suggestion is that it should be password protected or something like that hidden behind a dummy plugin page that has a point where you click on the screen to enter a pin some level of security

Hello @gpls01 - thanks a lot for your recommendation here.

We understand what you’re trying to achieve, but it’s really hard to achieve, as:

  • The base slug ‘festingervault’ will always remain visible as the base slug is used to auto-update our plugin.
  • Users should always have the ability to uninstall our FV plugin as that’s required from the policy.
  • Where do you want to have a password located? So we can see if we can achieve that.

If I may suggest - not sure how complicated it will be: For example, for an extra fee, we could set up our white label settings here on the Festinger site, so any updates you push will be passed on to the Whitelabel plugin we set here and then to our websites. So instead of base slug ‘festingervault’, it would be ‘whatever-name’ slug.
Otherwise, password protection on the Festingervault plugin dashboard would be excellent too, to protect the website’s user from downloading plugins that may break the site.
Regarding the Whitelabel, IMHO, where I’m from, many had terrible experiences with GPL plugins, so they tend to be quite paranoid, per @gpls01 said, to not having to explain.

to access the plugins main screen eg if someone clicks on the plugin it should show a screen that says something like this is a restricted area for (white label name) staff, to access please enter your pin. or something like that

Great suggestion both @gpls01 and @cmdaltctr.

We can see what can be integrated and what’s financially feasible.

I will get back to you once we made a decision about it.

I also put the name “my agency plugin manager white lab”, even with a password, if the customer disables the plugin perhaps by mistake, the plugin name immediately returns to its original state “festinger plugin”, and maybe he calls me and tells me what you had installed on my site, thinking of a possibly dangerous LPG. even the real name of the plugin should never be seen,

Hello @thefutx – I understand the purpose of your suggestion.

We will see if this can be integrated.

might also be an idea to allow the plugin description to be changed as part of the white label process as adding the password and then seeing the description that says “Get access to 15K+ kick-ass premium WordPress themes and plugins. Now directly from your WP dashboard. Get automatic updates and one-click installation by installing the Festinger Vault plugin.” would kind of defeat the purpose.

Hello @gpls01 – the description can already be changed? :wink:

Hey @Festinger , can we just hide ‘vault’ section from white label and just give users to update plugins and themes sections? is it possible?

Hi @fahadkhalid211.

Yes, that’s basically the idea behind the white-label feature =)

You can see the entire configuration settings in this thread:

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