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I was just checking docs and also watched the youtube videos of the FVP in action and the different pages and settings of the plugin. One major thing I do before updating any plugin is to check the changelog.

I don’t normally update anything unless it’s a security fix / patch or a major update.
I also do a diff against the version I have live against the new version just to see whats really been changed to see if the new code will conflict with any code I already have in place, mostly hooks or filters I may have custom coded.

Anyways, when I watched the videos of FVP I did notice that there were no changelogs / version history for the plugins. This is not a deal breaker for me, I’m definitely gonna be your newest customer, but am hoping that you can incorporate changelogs in the FVP backend while I’m at dashboard of the site… this would save me time from visiting developer’s site and looking for latest release changelog (some devs don’t even put changelogs on public facing page).

Hey @Hush,

Thank you for your post here.

Would you be happy if we include a changelog in the support topic of one of our updated files?

For example:

Hey @Festinger, thanks for the prompt response and considering my inquiry!
Yes that would definitely work. Even if it’s just a link TO the changelog (to save on text space on that update page).
Even more ideal… if there was a link in FPV admin page for plugins to click and see changelog of the version(s).

Sounds good → at this moment, we don’t have the option to integrate that on our Festinger Vault plugin due to the massive import of data (we’re importing over 15K+ plugin/theme data) every 30 minutes.

So it will be a less ideal solution by posting the changelog to the support topic of every plugin =)

Actually I’m able to click “Show Preview” and that takes me to dev site, which I can then navigate to the changelog… so that works for me also! ty

Yea, I’m in my admin now, this FVP is phenomenal! Installed and working fast.
I use define( ‘WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL’, TRUE ); in wp-config to block any http external calls on this dev site… once I added *.festingervault.com everything worked as expected. Really nice work @Festinger!


Yes, our plugin is connected to the engine.festingervault.com =) so it’s wise to whitelist that domain if you want to keep using our services.

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