Festinger Vault Plugin – Auto Update, Updates The Wrong Plugin & Formatting Issues

Hey, just a few minor issues I have noticed. If I have the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping (the one from WooCommerce), when the Vault updates it, it updates it to the version from Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce - Bolder Elements presumably as it has the same slug.

Then on the Updates screen, if a plugin has HTML in the description, it sometimes messes up the page layout. It happens for Contact Form 7 Multilingual, presumably on how the length of the description is cropped and leaves HTML elements open.

Hi @timo,

Thank you for noticing this.

I will check both issues and I will come back with a solution asap.

Hi @timo,

Can you please check if this issue has been resolved for you?

Hey, the formatting is still broken. The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin doesn’t update to the one from Bolder Elements, so that’s perfect. But The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is also missing from the Festinger Vault → Plugin Updates page.

Hello @timo,

We will be releasing a new update to fix this issue.

In regards to the double plugin issue: unfortunately, this plugin has the same slug as the other mentioned plugin. Therefore our system/WordPress will recognize it as the same plugin. We would recommend updating it manually at this time.

Hello @timo,

I’m happy to announce that we have released a quick fix for this and please update to Festinger Vault plugin version 3.8.1 where we fixed the issue for you.