[FEATURE] Please add author/manufacturer to each plugin

Hello Festinger

I think it was a good idea to add author’s/manufacturer’s name (and maybe additionally the author’s URL) to each plugin for being able to uniquely identify them.
Some plugin authors use more or less different names of their plugins on different platforms, e.g. on codecanyon, wordpress plugin repository and own website. Also on your site you sometimes use names that differ from the name the author uses on his website, and if names of different plugins are similar it is often difficult to identify it. Often i have to use the plugin version for unique identification.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Andre,

Thanks a lot for your message and feature suggestion.

I moved your topic to the Festinger Vault suggestions section, so we can see how many other customers are interested in such a feature.

We are currently integrating about 10 requested features so the next release update will be quite a big update with loads of new features.

So keep an eye on our announcements section for more information. :slight_smile:


Thanks Festinger

I’m happy to announce that this feature will be added soon.