Fair Use and Unmetered Download Policy

:star_struck: Summary This tutorial will give you more information about our fair use and unmetered download policy.
:hammer_and_wrench: Availability Fair use policy applies to the basic plan, the unmetered policy applies to pro and lifetime pro.
:open_book: Source Plese check your download policy to make sure you’re choosing the right plan.

We do offer two different download policies.

Fair Use Download Policy - Applies to the basic plan

We operate a fair-use download policy for the most basic plan. Customers using the most basic plan are using the service for real individual people to use, using their real details. It is NOT for other ‘GPL’ websites to use for the purpose of adding to their stock. We do not allow sharing, reselling, or stacking up our products. This is expressly forbidden and no refunds will be provided.

If you want to use unlimited downloads, stacking, reselling, or sharing of our products, please sign up for the pro or lifetime pro plan.

Unmetered Download Policy - Applies to pro and lifetime pro

The Unmetered Download policy offered by Festinger Vault allows users to download unlimited WordPress plugins and themes per day without any limitations. This policy is available to users who have subscribed to the Pro or Lifetime Pro plans on the Festinger Vault website. An unmetered policy means that users can download and upload as much data as they want without worrying about hitting any bandwidth or data usage limits.