Enjoy our new Elementor Template Kits section! We're adding over 1000+ Kits!

Hi everyone,

By popular demand, we decided to start adding Elementor Template Kits to the Festinger Vault.

Elementor Pro became one of the most popular page builders and the prebuild designs could be a great start for your WordPress website. You can download the Elementor Template Kits from here:

Please note that we’re around 25% adding the kits (which is a manual task). 275 items have been added out of 1000+. Feel free to drop a reply on this topic in case you need a template kit any sooner.

Stay tuned and please keep an eye on this topic.

From your WordPress guy,


I will be on the look to see others uploaded, thanks


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Sweet! I’ll happily help myself to some of them, thank you for doing great work, guys :slight_smile:

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Nice move, looking forward to them!

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Update: we have added 840 Elementor Template Kits so far! =)

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thank you
i cant wait to see the rest of Template Kits

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A new update: we’ve added 1400 template kits so far, out of 2400!

We expect to have everything uploaded by the end of this month.

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Love that templates have been added but finding it difficult to search through them to find what I need. I can use the search function but it only searches what the titles of the templates are named as. Would be really helpful if it searched within the descriptions of the templates too.

E.g - I’m looking for an Elementor template for affiliate marketing. I know there will be some designed with this purpose in mind, but unless they say affiliate in the title - they won’t show up in search.

Yes, fully agreed. Our current search bar can be improved in many ways and we’re integrating the ability to search by tags (such as affiliate, gardening, real estate, etc.) as soon as possible. With over 15K of items now, it requires some time to categorize our library, but we have plans in short term to include this functionality. :slight_smile:

Please check my response from above =)

Is this something you’re looking for?

Or if you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us.