Easy Digital Downloads - Version:

At the vault, you can find numerous additional features for easy digital downloads. However, I’m having trouble determining which one is the primary plugin to download. Among the 30 available addons or modules, could you please clarify which one is considered the main plugin? In the WordPress plugin directory, I came across the following entry:

Plugin Name: Easy Digital Downloads - Simple eCommerce for Selling Digital Files
Release Date: May 1, 2023

Additionally, this version has enhanced validation for edd hooks to ensure better security.

Hey @specialheckles, welcome to the community!

The core plugin is free to download =)

I hope this helps!

Indeed. But don’t we need the pro version to enjoy the extra features?

There is no ‘pro’ version of the core plugin.

The ‘pro’ includes all the addons which are already available on our website =)

Thank you!!!