Bulk install plugins


Is there any plugin in your collection that can bulk install a collection of plugins onto all of my sites?

I’ve noticed that most of the time there are 5-6 plugins that I use on all websites, and I would like to be able to 1-click install these onto all of them, but I don’t know how to do this. I know for sure there are plugins out there that can do this, but I either can’t find them in the Vault, or they’re bad because they require that I manually download the plugins first and then upload them, and then install them. Too complicated when I know for a fact that there are plugins who can do this by simply mentioning the URLs of those plugins, so you don’t have to bother with downloading and uploading them.

So yeah… let me know if there’s any such plugin in the Vault.

PS: I use the MainWP management platform and the Favorites extension of this platform does indeed allow me to bulk upload, but as you can see, I said “upload”, which is horribly time-consuming (because Wordpress plugings get updated almost daily and if I have to download and upload all of those 5-6 plugins even once a week for years to come… well, you can see how counterproductive this is :slight_smile: )

Does anyone know?

Hi @rayden1980,

Thanks a lot for your message I missed your initial topic by accident.

We don’t have a built-in solution to install multiple plugins/themes together. =)

I don’t want themes, just plugins. I remember many years ago (10 or more) there was a plugin that you’d install, and in its settings you would type the URLs of other plugins that you’d want installed and then you would use this plugin to 1-click install and activate all of those other plugins, thus saving a lot of time and headaches with manually installing and activating each plugin separately.

Do you not have something similar in the vault?? I wouldn’t mind looking it up myself, but I’d need some tip on what to look for because otherwise I’d have to manually check 150k items and I obviously won’t do this :grimacing:

EDIT: also, if there’s no such plugin anywhere you have got a great opportunity to create one yourselves and add it to the FV membership :wink:

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