Bug report: automatic updates for some downloads are not working at this moment, we're on it to fix it!

Dear customers,

Some users reported that they have an issue with automatic updates for themes and plugins using the Festinger Vault plugin. While we checked our backend, we can confirm that the automatic updates for some items are not working due to a technical hiccup on our backend.

We’re investigating this issue and we will resolve the issue asap.

Once we got a solution, we will update this thread, and feel free to report any other issues here with automatic updates as well.

Thanks in advance, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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I add that some plugins are not detected as if it does not exist
PublishPress Capabilities plugin

-Fresh clean install wordpress and Festinger plugin
-search and install PublishPress Capabilities
return to the automatic updates page
PublishPress Capabilities is not listed as if it does not exist :fearful:

this means that not only is there a problem with updates but some plugins are not detected
hope this is the only isolated case

Hello @spongeneo – thanks a lot for your comment here.

I can confirm that all the issues have been resolved, including your reported download.

Please report back in case you encounter any future issues.

Well, …

Please flush your browser cache (CTRL+F5) and this should work again.


FileBird plugin still not listed in Automatic plugin update management.

Cache cleared, plugin reinstalled, cache cleared again - still not listed.

I sent you a PM in order to check this issue.

we noticed that when CTRL+F5 command doesn’t work, changing php version to 7.4 makes the problem stop in most cases.

Did it several times, even deleted the cash, cookies etc. Used different browsers, different servers and installations. No way to install or download it via the plugin. The download just works here at Festingervault :wink:

we noticed that when CTRL+F5 command doesn’t work, changing php version to 7.4 makes the problem stop in most cases.

Tried it, same result. But thanks for the hint.

I sent you a private message in order to fix this issue.

if you can send it to me too, because I have some clients who send me messages every day complaining about this too

Please mention me the files / themes / plugins which are not working for you and we will be able to check them out.

Blog2Social has been fixed now.

elementor pro


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