BuddyBoss Platform Pro

I am afraid no, the theme needs to be activated in order for BuddyBoss Pro to reflect as licensed, without it you will see 2 lines of licensing warning in your admin dashboard asking you to register to activate.

Maybe you try to deactivate the Platform Pro and just live with the free Platform version? BuddyBoss will still work but lesser functions.

Hey all - I will be able to assist you within a day or two. :slight_smile:

I would appreciate the help. Am available at (dutch) office hours.


I’ve gone through this and I noticed the BuddyBoss Platform Pro wasn’t pre-activated successfully (the developer’s increase their security almost every day) – please download the newest version of 2.0.0 and this should work.

Please report back in case you need further assistance.

Just updated the PRO version again and it WORKS. AWESOME. Muchas gracias.

Cheers, thanks a lot for your report.

Yes latest download is working!

Thank you Festinger.

BuddyBoss Platform Pro has been updated to 2.0.1