Boxcoin - Crypto Payment Plugin for WooCommerce

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Boxcoin - Crypto Payment Plugin for WooCommerce has been updated to 1.1.3.

Invalid envato purchasement code, how to fix this? Cant activate it.

Hi @shadowrob,

Can you please post a screenshot of this issue?


If i go via wordpress β†’ Settings β†’ Payments β†’ Boxcoin β†’ Manage or Plugins β†’ Boxcoin β†’ Settings:

Any updates? This is the main reason why i subscribed here :smiley:

Hi @shadowrob,

I’m currently on my mobile device but what will happen if you enter any random value in the license field?

Not working, invalid envato license

Seems like i have to buy Boxcoin. As this version is not working.
Anyway thanks for your time.

Hi @shadowrob,

We’re still investigating this issue for you, but if you require to have this plugin as soon as possible, we are not able to tell you when we have a pre-activated version for you, sorry.

What do you think how long this take for you? Maybe i can wait.

I’m not sure how long it will take, as the original developer has increased their security for this plugin by requiring a lot of functions need to be checked by a cloud API key… :frowning: