Both the plugin and website

Both the website and plugin are not working, can not install or download from either one. For the website it just hangs up, and as for the plugin, when you try install theme alert something went wrong, and just hangs for the download

thats will the beta and my own purchased recurring plan also

Hello @focusjjs,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Can you let us know if your browser console is returning any data?

nothing that i can see, when i click on the download button it shades it but nothing will ever happen. like it jusr hangs up , i tried on chrome, firefox and edge all the same

looks like several themes are doing it, and some have error no download file available try again later

here are 2
zegen church
the experts

seems its some items, i found some that it allows to install and download now, so might want to check this

Please check your browser console if it returns any data/errors.

Hi @focusjjs, did you had a chance to check the issue?