Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

Please update Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler 6.9.11 to 6.9.14. @FestingerUpdates

Just want to confirm is this plugin working with auto-post before download?

Yes, I just tested it on localhost and the major features are working as expected.

should I download the 6.9.3 or Version 6.9.11 version?

Version 6.9.3 works for sure, I’m not sure about the latst version.

I downloaded the 6.9.3 version. When trying to connect to facebook page, it still pops up to “upgrade to premium” even when the plugin already shows premium licenses.

  1. And the plugins shows " The connection to the server failed. Please try again! You can find more information and solutions in the[ guide for server connection"
  2. In the Wordpress plugin panel, the blog2social shows 6.9.3 version but in the plugin page it shows a version 6.9.9. I wonder if it’s a mistake why it does not work and requests server connection.

never mind the previous reply, after re-authorization several times, it can post correctly to facebook now.
But it cannot seem to auto-post new posts, let me try figuring it out

The plugin does not work. It does not let you automate posts on Twitter.

Please update Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler 6.9.11 to 6.9.14. @FestingerUpdates

Please update Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler 6.9.11 to Version 7.0. @FestingerUpdates

Seems that the blog2social download isn’t properly “fixed”. When attempting to do something in the “paid” version - it fails requesting a license key.

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Meanwhile, I’m tagging my teammate @festingerupdates to see if the file can be replaced or updated. If it’s available, he will be uploading it as soon as possible for you. You will be receiving an email reply if it’s available.

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Hello @vendor,

Welcome here!

I am tagging my teammate to see if this issue can be fixed!

@FestingerUpdates → can you check for an update please?

Sorry, There is no update yet.

and it stops posting auto-post

Thanks for letting us know @jomar.lipon2007.

We will need some additional time in order to check these issues and we will let you know very soon.

We I/we get a credit?

Can you explain us the issue here, please?