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The version downloaded in “Download Now” is still the old one “02 Nov 2022” with the error of the constant “trrue”. He has to download version “08 Dec 2022” under “Other Versions”. I think that’s it.

Hi @Grigorio_Biz → please check the reply from @roger.teixeira =)

Hi! Ok, I’ll try and will come back with a reply.

The problem has gone only when I installed version 31 Aug 2022. So I don’t know on which side is the issue but there is an issue. I hope, it will be fixed soon.

Hello @Grigorio_Biz – please download the latest version and not the version of August.

I installed the newest version and this problem appear. so if have updated the plugin file I’ll do so - otherwise with version from august I don’t have such an issue.

Thanks for reporting that @Grigorio_Biz → it looks like this plugin requires additional maintenance and we will let you know once it has been fixed.

I see the conversation above, so this may not be much of an update, but I received the same error from the latest file that was downloaded. So it could be that this was not updated in the most current version of the ‘BasicPluginLicensingUi.php’.

However, I also just updated from PHP 7.4 → 8.0, and it was not throwing the fatal error prior. I went back to another Wordpress installation that I haven’t yet migrated and confirmed it only shows as a warning there. Also gives this message.

So that could be why it was breaking the page for some and not for others. Again, some may have already figured it out, but thought I would note that this is in the latest downloadable file and that could be why it’s not caught by all.

Thanks a lot for your comment here @2938293